Time to jump on the blogging bandwagon–especially since it is a requirement for my Emerging Media class!  In this blog, I plan to post about the trials and tribulations of playing catch up in a digital world.   Learning to make use of the many technological gadgets created to simplify our lives is going to be quite challenging.

With new buzz words and gizmos jumping out at us every day, becoming simplified is not so simple.  I’ve found I need to find friends on Facebook, connect on LinkedIN, identify what a Twitter is and understand widgets, tags and RSS feeds!  With the ultimate goal of becoming a digital marketing guru, I’ll really need to get with it.

First, things first, though–I really need to understand how this blogging thing works.  I want my blog to look creative, cool, savy and intriguing like all the others.  But so far, I’ve spent two hours just trying to create my header.  I’m in for a true learning experience with this one.

A bit about me and the tech I CAN comprehend.  I love discussion forums.  I talk and trade books, plants, recipes and eggs.  (hatching eggs)  I love Photobucket, Ebay, Youtube and my good friend, Google.  Some of the sites I visit daily include:




Well, time to feed the chickens and gather the rent.

This concludes post 1–I’m sure I’ll be back to edit and add more linkies!

Please comment and hit me with some tips on any and all social media, marketing, techie buzzwords and sites you consider relevent.