I thought it was a silly joke played on Barbie because of her upcoming 50th birthday, but apparently it isn’t.  Can this Democratic lawmaker be for real?  What ever happened to a parent’s choice in what their child can and cannot play with?  Is Mr. Eldridge going to call for the honorable discharge of  G.I. Joe next?  What about Big Bird and Thomas the tank engine?  Will our kids grow up disillusioned when they find out they can’t be a giant yellow bird or a train engine?  Just because a child plays with a certain TOY doesn’t mean  they believe they should BE that toy!

This from the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette:

West Virginia Democratic Delegate Jeff Eldridge Tuesday proposed a bill to ban the sale of Barbie and similar dolls that promote physical beauty to the detriment of girls’ intellectual and emotional development.

“I just hate the image that we give to our kids that if you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful and you don’t have to be smart,” the second-term state lawmaker, who has been an educator and social worker, told West Virginia media Tuesday.

Also, what makes Mr. Eldridge think that Barbie’s a big dummy?  I happen to know that Barbie has been a teacher, nurse, doctor, and in the 1960s Barbie headed into space as an astronaut.


She is smart enough to pursue any career she wants and Mattel has done an incredible job of keeping Barbie fresh and growing.  Just recently she became celebrity chef  for a network cooking show!


I wonder where this kind of coddling stops.  Are our children really so gullible that they believe they should look like Barbie?  If we ban Barbie because she may harm the self esteem of young girls, does that mean we should also ban crayons?   Won’t it hurt our kids’ self -esteem when they find it hard to stay in the lines?  Won’t it hurt them when they slide into second base playing baseball?  It seems our kids are becoming weaker by the day.  They don’t know how to lose with grace, to win with honor or to try their best.  We seem to be tip toeing around our kids, always afraid that we are somehow going to damage them.

What is the marketing department of Mattel supposed to do with this kind of political pronouncement?  Do they ignore it and hope that there are many out there like me who think its ridiculous?  Or do they try to fight back for the sake of little Barbie lovers around the world?   The fact that Barbie has already been banned in Iran makes you wonder–do we want our girls to grow up like little Iranian ladies?

OK–now I await the bashing.