Goodreads–one  of  my newer favorite sites.  If you’re a reader and haven’t  visited Goodreads–check it out.  Goodreads

Also, take the time to visit Bitten By Books today.  They’re having a release party for Dakota Cassidy’s newest offering, Accidentally Demonic.

I spent Saturday doing a bit of laundry and making a trip to the feed store. Then Katie, Seth and I drove to Athens to check out Avatar in 3D.  It seems the reviews are either way good or way bad on this one.  We really enjoyed it. Although the storyline was a tad predictable, the  imagery more than made up for that.

I’m still reading (and loving)  Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.


A nice review can be found here.  With it being so dreary, muddy and dull around here, Ms. Priest’s blight-afflicted Seattle adventure has everything I need to overcome my rutty mood.  Zombies whose bite necessitates limb removal, airships, an alternate history, and unlikely heroes–Boneshaker has it all.  Thanks for the ride, Cherie!

The countdown is on to the 2010 Romantic Book Convention in Columbus, Ohio.  I’m taking daughter, Katie and I think one of her friends, Kristen is going with us, too.  We went in 2008 but just for two days.  We’re going for the whole convention this time and are extremely excited!

One of the dinners we’ll be attending is the Faery Ball on Thursday night.  With a theme of elemental fairies, costume making is going to be fun!  I think I’ll try to document our progress.  Pattern choices so far include–

I’m going to be making 3 of these.  One for Katie–who wants to be an earth fairy, one for Kristen who is probably going to go with water fairy and one for me who is going to be a fire fairy.  Because of course, I’m so hot–hee hee.